What is Urban Coup?

Regardless of which project interests you, Urban Coup is a group of committed people preparing to purchase land and develop an environmentally sustainable urban cohousing community. We are a cohesive community that is welcoming, supportive and inclusive of all individuals. Both projects hope to purchase land and begin to build in 2017. 

Urban Coup was formed in May 2008, when a group of likeminded folk gathered to discuss their dreams of what living in such a community would be like. We found we had a lot in common, and thus decided to work together to build first our group, and then the dream: a new co-housing community. We are now comprised of a healthy mix of couples, families and singles.

The group is made up of people from many different backgrounds, with health professionals, graphic artists, architects, designers, urban designers, environmentalists, engineers - who are now becoming friends. Currently, we meet fortnightly and often socialise before or after the meeting. We also go away together a couple of times a year to enjoy being in community whilst we build our dream. 

In this time, Urban Coup has developed an extensive inventory of healthy group processes and proactive ways of dealing with conflict should it arise. We operate under a consensus decision making model and our conflict resolution processes are based on the non-violent communications (NVC) approach. Members are offered training in both these group processes.

And the name? No, ‘coup’ is not a spelling mistake. The Urban Coup is our way of living differently to help ourselves to help the planet. Choosing to build a cohousing development is our answer to an age when global resources are being strained by modern living, urban sprawl is ever expanding, and many of us in the city find ourselves isolated from real community in our current homes.