Becoming a member of the Urban Coup allows you to share Urban Coup’s vision of cohousing with a positive, diverse and committed bunch of people.

Urban Coup offers various ways to get involved at a gentle pace.

A 12-month provisional membership period aims to assist you in your decision to join and live in community (or not), freely attending our regular meetings, social events and common meals to gain an experience of the group and its processes.

You can also become a full member, which allows you to express your preferences in our decisions and become part of one of the two projects we are pursuing at the moment (Far and Wide or Near and Tall, please see our options for more information).

People who have joined Urban Coup are interested in sustainability and community. We would like to be part of a community that contributes to a healthier world.

For more information have a look at the vision and values we share.


Membership benefits

A key benefit of joining is to play a part in determining how the final project will look, particularly influencing its design.

Additionally, you may gain a sense of belonging to something bigger than yourself: a pioneering group who is thinking about how to build vibrant communities; how to reduce their environmental impact and the importance of community.


Membership types and fees

There are essentially two types of memberships: full and provisional.

Full membership for $950

This enables your full participation in all meetings, policy development, decision-making, dwelling list process, social events, workshops and access to members’ website. But most importantly, it provides you with a place on a list of those eligible for a dwelling in one of the Urban Coup developments.

Provisional membership for $200

This is a "taster" option before upgrading to full membership. It enables attendance at regular meetings and access to members’ website, as well as social events and skills workshops.

For more information please refer to our Joining and Leaving Policy and our Rules.


How to join?

Once you have read the Introduction to Urban Coup, are familiar with the rest of the website (including key documentation in the Resources section), and have determined that this is something you want to be part of:

  1. Complete the Urban Coup Application Form (last page of the Introduction to Urban Coup) with your choice of membership type, your details and signature. Alternatively, you can use the online application form, see below.
  2. Send it to the Secretary.
  3. Upon receipt of your application, the Secretary will request that the appropriate fee be paid into the Urban Coup bank account, for which you will be given the details.
  4. Your user account for accessing the members' website will be created once there is confirmation of the payment. Other user accounts can be requested.
  5. You are welcome to participate.

For more information please refer to our Joining and Leaving Policy or contact us.


How to leave?

To leave, as a member, you are requested to give 30 days’ notice in writing to the Secretary at (info AT urbancoup DOT org).

Then your user account will be blocked.

At any time you can manage your notifications and unsubscribe to any of them.

For more information please refer to our Joining and Leaving Policy.


Membership application form

Thanks for your interest in joining Urban Coup!

Prior to joining, we ask that you:

  • Familiarise yourself with Urban Coup’s Purpose, Vision and Values.
  • Read the Urban Coup Conflict Resolution Guidelines and Joining and Leaving Policy.
  Proceed to the application form