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Urban Coup Inc. Committee members are:

Secretary:                  Eve Retch
Treasurer:                 Michael Wauchope
Chair:                         Cath O'Shea
Ordinary Member:  Alex Fearnside

Want more information?

If you would like to know more, please contact

All Media Enquiries

Alex Fearnside 
Mobile: 0434 990 108 

For a Chat

Eve Recht
Mobile: 0425 776 494

Janice Appleton
Mobile: 0417 375 710 

Interested in joining?

The Coup is currently looking for new members. If you are interested in joining, please read the Introduction to the Urban Coup, or contact us (Details above).

Why Join?

Joining now means that you participate in deciding the next steps. You will be a part of the key decision making processes as the community decides on land and the physical nature of the Coup. This will include how the community will look, where it will be located, the final number of dwellings it will have, and what environmental initiatives we will adopt.

Meet us in Person

The Coup has regular general, and working group meetings, which are for members and provisional members. Often we will connect for a meal before or after a meeting to socialise and do regular Pot Luck dinners that people interested in joining are welcome to attend. 

We also have purely social events, which are open to those interested in meeting us and learning more about the Urban Coup. These are family friendly events!

Please contact for further information.