Collaborative Design Workshop 3

Submitted by Urban Coup on Wed, 13/06/2018 - 08:20

February 10th 2018

As per our developing process, this session was preluded with a community survey collaboratively shaped by the architects and key members of Urban Coup. It was intended to understand resident needs of (now identified) desirable common spaces. I.e. the flexi-rooms; kitchen / dining space; multifunction room and the rooftop. The workshop continued to pursue themes based on need.

1. In order of priority, what functions would you like (space) to cater for?

2. In order of priority, what built-in cabinetry would you like the (space) to contain, if any?

3. How would you like the (space) to feel?

4. How connected should the flexi-rooms feel relative to adjacent places?

5. Additional comments

The internal facilitation by Urban Coup was simply sensational (as of course was the food)! The community felt heard and the architects got the feedback they needed, all within the tight timeframe.